Scene/Puppet/Sound/Lighting Design







This project was developed by Bloodhut Theatre Company through an adapation of George McDonald's Victorian tale, The Princess and the Goblin, with the addition of original monologues written by the cast. Starting with the fairy tale, Bloodhut used techniques to help performers connect to a theme or character, and to write about an event in their own lives that resonated with the same struggle. The production was a Bun Raku-like puppet show, with intermittent monologues, written and performed by the puppet actors.

For example, the Princess in the fairy tale is often alone in the castle because her father, the King, is gone most of the time. The actress playing the Princess wrote of growing up with her own father away, but he was incarcerated for embezzling. Another theme in the fairy tale comes from the goblins who hate the humans because they treat them like they don't belong. One actress steps away from her costume to tell of her experience as a Cuban exile in America.

Scenery needed to move quickly, puppet like, and the puppets had to come off of the actors quickly for their monologues.