A Tempest
By Aime Cesaire

Scene Design - 1994

Borderlands Theatre Company
Director - Barclay Goldsmith
Lighting Designer - Eric Nelson
Costume Designer - Marjie Kasky

A Tempest. In this modern version of Shakespear's Tempest, the author makes the case for Caliban, the earth-spirit, as a victim of colonialism. He turns the righteous Prospero on his head with the results of his pious magic.

The set is a metal cage that represents the charted globe as 17th century explorers might see the world. It is also Caliban and his mother's cave. The primary level descends into this cave, and the surroundeing levels on stage right serve as "rocky outcrops" on this islands shore, but they are cluttered with the artifacts of modern Western colonialism: T.V.'s, car grills, refridgerators and appliances.